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How to have a successful Instagram Web Shop

What is the recipe for successful instagram sales page or webshops? More and more people are buying online. Growth rates of 10 – 15% in online retail are the standard. Instagram Web shops are sprouting like mushrooms, but are these Instagram web shops successful?

Example of an Instagram Web Shop

Many webshops are still insufficiently profitable, but are not (yet) successful. They sell, but they do not care how  to scale it up.

If the conversion is only 1% or your web store is not well-liked or understood, success will continue to elude you!

Carefully read the post, and apply all principles, then sit back and watch your turn over skyrocket online.


This article about the success of a web store is intended for shop owners, who want to increase their turnover and for entrepreneurs who also want to start selling online.

In this article we offer a complete recipe (included in 15 golden tips) for a successful webshop. It’s not about the products, but about the marketing THAT GOES with  it.


A visitor comes to your webshop, he immediately understands where he is, he understands what is ‘on sale’, and what the difference is with other providers, he is stimulated and curious: ‘I want this too’ . He follows the simple conversion track and clicks on the call2action button and orders!



Due to the increasing number of web shops, it becomes even more important to claim your piece from the market. Why your webshop? What do you have to offer more than the rest? Also make sure that visitors see, understand and understand this unique directly. A successful webshop has something other online shops do not have and communicates this clearly outwards.


  1. Work with conversion paths

succesvolle webwinkel

Many web shop owners focus on one path: ordering. Of course this is of primary importance, but also the use on secondary conversion paths (subscribing to newsletter, introductory offer etc.) is turnover for tomorrow. A successful webshop has multiple conversion paths for the different types of visitors. Read more about conversion optimization for your web store.


  1. Be open

At many webshops it is completely unclear who is behind it, why this webshop exists, how visitors can contact, let alone that KvK / VAT numbers and the like are displayed. A visitor wants to know where he buys. A successful web store is transparent and open in information provision.


  1. Facilitate finding

Many webshops have so much to offer that you can not see the forest (the products) through the trees (the navigation). Simplifying navigation menus (in quantity and composition), offering search options, a sitemap etc. are necessary functions that facilitate finding. With a successful web store you are within a few seconds at what you are looking for.


  1. Touch the string with top design

succesvolle webshops

A new visitor often decides in seconds whether he thinks your web store is interesting or not. Very important is the first impression your shop makes. And for a large part this depends on the design. Are the USPs processed in it? Is there a unit? Has the design been applied consistently? Does the appearance provide recognition? A successful web store ‘hits’ its visitors with a unique web design.


  1. Create a physical experience

Beautiful texts, beautiful images, discounts … but what is actually delivered at home? A bare box with sturdy tape and an almost illegible packing slip? Or a nice package with an accompanying letter, perhaps a small gift and a nice leaflet? A successful web store pays 100% attention to the mailbox.


  1. Create back paths

This does not apply to all branches, but most webshops can get a lot of turnover from repeat purchases. And let’s be honest: if a customer experience is good, you will return more often. A very nice way is to work with return paths, for example: sustainable action cards, with which you facilitate the return. A successful webshop develops tools / actions to make customers return more often.




  1. Provide excellent service

succesvolle webshop

An open door, but also an open door to the best promoter for your webshop: word-of-mouth. Selling a good product and delivering well is good. But if your shop is easily accessible, questions are answered quickly, mistakes are picked up immediately and there is also no difficulty in exchanging … then you deliver excellent service.


  1. Pay, no problem

As a visitor with a filled shopping basket you want (hopefully) only one thing: pay and ready is Kees. You do not opt ​​for convenience for nothing. The process from shopping cart to ‘thank you for your order’ can not last longer than two minutes. All too often it is necessary to register first, unnecessary fields have to be filled in and can only be chosen from Ideal. Successful online stores have their online checkout as smooth as possible.


  1. Send with Google Analytics

Most web shop owners use Analytics, but do they understand what is in it? Google Analytics is a wonderful program for pure communication. How does SEO do me? Which goals do they do well (and are they set at all)? Link with AdWords: which actions were successful? From which region do most visitors come from? A successful web store owner uses Analytics to steer successfully.


  1. Convince your visitor

succesvolle webwinkel

No matter how easy it sounds, most web stores are just like physical outlet stores. Products, products and a cash register. But responding to problems, naming recognition, appealing to visitors and explaining, selling holes instead of drilling are excellent recruitment tools to convince visitors. A successful webshop is more than just a collection of products. It is a web shop with website racks where particular attention is paid to promotional web texts .


  1. Know your customer

In the past (when there were no successful webshops yet), the shopkeeper knew his customer (by name). He knew what the need was, why the customer bought, where he came from, and he liked to listen to suggestions or questions. For a successful web store this is no different, you just have to ask. A short online market survey among your customers (and newsletter readers) is not only an excellent action to be in contact with your customers, but also the way to develop insight into what is really important to your customers. And if customers are rewarded with a nice discount code, then it also increases sales. A successful webshop asks its customers for input.


  1. Join organic visitors

With the activation of AdWords it is of course very simple to buy visitors. But often too little attention is paid to recruiting visitors via SEO. Good keywords, beautiful landing pages and some optimization can result in many high-quality visitors. A successful web store plays with SEO.


  1. Make your web store understandable

succesvolle webwinkel

A new visitor who comes to the web store for the first time, should intuitively surf the web shop without explanation (‘Read here how to order’). If navigation menus change, if calls for action are not understood, when unnecessary actions are needed to select a product or place it in your shopping basket, then the snap factor is low. A successful webshop is intuitive, also for new visitors.


  1. Also promote offline

By this I do not mean that it is useful to just turn off your web store (although there are real web shops, which are closed on Sundays). I am referring here to the possibilities of offline promotion of your web store. This is often forgotten. And how about sending offline newsletters (in the form of a card, letter, promotion, etc.) to your customers? A successful web store promotes its store multimedia.


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