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How to Set Up All in One SEO Pack

If you have decided to use the All in One SEO Pack which is one the best if not the best SEO Plugin for wordpress. In fact as a matter of speaking I use All in One SEO PACK wordpress plugin.

To install the All in One SEO Pack, Go-to your dashboard and click on Plugin

Add New > on search bar search for All in one SEO pack. Install it and activate. With that you have the All in one SEO Pack for wordpress.

OK, you should now be on the Settings page. To get to the settings page, click on “Settings” form your main Admin menu on the left, and choose “All in One SEO”

Or if you are using the latest version of WordPress you will see it at the top of your menu:

The first thing you are going to want to do is make sure the plugin is Enabled. Setting this will make sure that your pages are being optimized for SEO.

As you can see in the screen capture below, you will also want to create a Home Title, Description and Keywords for your website. These are associated with your home page for you website (ex. yourdomain.com).

If you are targeting particular keywords or locations with your site, you will want to make sure to include these within all three of these form fields. I have used an example for a website that I bought called SeattleCarInsuranceAgent.com targeting the search term “seattle car insurance agent”.

You can leave Canonical URL’s and Rewrite Titles checked as these will allow you to customize your pages to be as relevant as possible in the next fields.

The only changes you need to make in the next section is to change the “|” to the “-“. This is a personal asthetic thing for me, but I think it looks better when your page titles are separated by a dash instead of a pipe.

Car Insurance Facts – Seattle Car Insurance Agent


Car Insurance Facts | Seattle Car Insurance Agent

This is up to you however. As you can see below I have changed all of the “|” to “-“.

And then you can leave the rest “as is”.

Then click the “Update Options”, this will activate the changes.

That is all you need to do! I am going to show you how this impacts your live site.

So you have this plugin set-up now, but I wanted to show you the result of setting this up.

Page Title Updated

The first thing that will happen is that you will notice that the page Title has been updated as indicated below. This is powerful for SEO if you are targeting a specific keyword, in this case I am targeted the search term Seattle Car Insurance Agent and this is pulled from the “Home Title” field in the settings.



Description and Keyword Meta Tags

The next thing that has been optimized is the description and keyword meta tags, also pulled directly from the settings page. These are optimized based on a per page/post basis on the “tags” that you add along with any manual tags that you enter within the pages.

You can see examples of these “meta tags” being inserted directly into the code. These help Google recognize what your content is about and how they show your content within their search results.


Page/Post Titles

Page and post titles are automatically based on what you name your page. This will improve your SEO rankings if your page name is a keyword that you are trying to get indexed into Google. This is also why it is important that you give some thought to your page names when you create them.seo-pack-for-wordpress

You will also notice that the URL also matches that of the page name. This is done automatically by the All in One SEO Pack.
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