Good Website Designers Lagos

Our website designers understand that a visitors should be able to find the information they want very easily. This can be achieved when the web page has a well-prepared and planned structure for routing. The control buttons for routing should be clearly noticeable and should be described well. The hyperlinks or control buttons should clearly indicate where they lead to. Visitors should be able to locate the location the need while moving through several areas and the subsections of the website. This task can be performed by making use of bread crumb paths or connecting each web page with the website.

Design for Your Visitor

The fundamental or basic principle of effective design navigation is that you should design your whole website according to the convenience of your reader. Avoid designing the navigation part for the looks of your website. Also, avoid the organization’s perspective in your website navigation design. For example, do not use obscure, internal classification titles that are very hard to understand for your visitors.

Remember: Navigation is another word for “aid” for web readers. Conduct some polling/research to determine how your visitors like to navigate. Use the results to develop your design. So, when designing, bring visitors’ considerations to the foreground.

Follow these steps when you are designing navigation:

  • Engage visitors from the very beginning by keeping track, interviewing them, and surveying them about how navigation should be designed or how they want it.
  • Make mock-ups of your website’s navigation as early as you can and show them to visitors to get relevant feedback.