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School Website

Features of our School Website

it's important that your school website be backed by a strong CMS. The ability for your site administrators to update content quickly and easily.

Our web designers knows that It takes only seconds for a visitor to decide whether or not it is worth her time to remain on your school website.  With that in mind, we design homepage to effectively capture the attention of those who visit your school site.  We include components that converts visitors into enrollment leads. As well as encourage them to take the next step. 

Core Features Of our School Website


    SEO is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy and often the most under-used. With the sophistication of today’s search engines it’s essential to keep your site in tune with what search engines value in a website. Some SEO best practices we include:

    -SEO friendly URL’s
    -XLM sitemap
    -Unique Meta data

    • AUDIENCE Groupings

    We understand your audience, and clearly identify your current and prospective target audiences, such as existing staff, parents and alumni, and prospective parents / pupils, so we develop your school website with their needs in mind. We take care to present the informations in an orderly manner.

    • Responsiveness

    With us you are sure your website will display correctly on all devices. increasing visitor retention.

    • Payments

    According to your needs and specification we integrate a payment system to your website. This feature enable you to accept secure online payments through your website, such as; admission deposits, registration, merchandise and school trips.

    • Forms
    • Parents or students can make enquiries or register online easily. Forms that are linked directly to your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) that does is only time-saving but valuable for future marketing or communications.
    • INTEGRATIONSIntegration of various elements such as your Management Information System (MIS), calendar, school portal, registration and social media not only provide a one-stop-shop for parents and pupils but also reduces the administrative maintenance of your school website.
    • BROWSER COMPATIBILITYEach web browser interprets your website code in a slightly different manner meaning it can be displayed differently using different browsers. We design websites that display correctly across all browsers.
      Great user interface (UI) is all about helping parents and pupils to find what they’re looking for as simply and quickly as possible. While the look and feel of your website is undeniably important, at the core of a great UI design is functionality. Below are just a few of the UI principals we follow when designing a school website.

      • 3 clicks to access all content
      • Call to action on homepage
      • 8 items per menu
      • Printer friendly pages
      • High visibility version

    Our School Website Demo

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