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My statement to drive Wesite traffic

Building traffic to a website have been the most challenge in the blogosphere, I have had to console some clients who printed flyers in hope to drive traffic to their website. My first question to them is usually how many copies did you print?

Or my Internet friends who go to Google and type the keyword

“How to drive website traffic easily”

A lot of people love straight and step by step guide, I understand how frustrating that can be, when you have applied all the step and you go back to your analytics and find out that is just your hits that are on the record.
Don’t give up hope.

Driving Website Traffic

Understanding the different social networks and picking the one that works best for you is key. With Pinterest, I’ve had tremendous success with building traffic to my anxiety website using Pinterest. Create and sacrifice time and try a number of different things and test out these various social networks and figure out what works best for you. Unfortunately if you want success online, that’s honestly what you have to do. As I’ve said before, we all have different skill sets. You might be a great speaker. Somebody else might be better on video. You might be a great writer. Maybe some of you are funny, and it’s really about aligning the traffic building method with whatever your skill is, and that might take time. But that frustrates people because they want success now. The other problem is that there are people who are extremely shy, and they’re not comfortable on social media or on YouTube. They’re desperately hoping that just sitting behind a computer anonymously writing content is going to be enough. I’m sorry you guys but in 2016, that is not enough anymore.

I would love to be able to saying as much as I will love to give a step by step guide to building website traffic, if you want to get 5,000 visits to your site every day, step 1 do this, step 2 do that. Now, are there general principles that we can all talk about that you can do? Of course, but they work differently for different people because of the niche, because of the person’s skill set, because of the person’s motivation, and interest.

Traffic building is a very relative task, and it’s also very difficult to make guarantees when you’re teaching something like that, and that’s really what people want.  It inspires us, but they also create unrealistic expectations. Most people have to get out here and try a number of different things before they succeed. That’s realistic for most of us. I would love to have a very, very, very candid discussion in the comments,

Tell me your story about driving traffic.

Don’t feel stupid about it, just share.

  • If you’re sick and tired of this,
  • if you have a success story,
  • something that’s working for you today,
  • what is keeping you from trying something new,
  • why are you not getting on social media?
  • Are you overwhelmed?
  • Are you afraid of YouTube?

I want to know. Let me say very candidly, one thing I’m looking forward to with my new site is that I’m going from teaching a lot of theory to more practical topics. I can’t guarantee that you’re going to make X amount of money online. I can give you a guide and it’s up to you to take that and apply it to your own niche or whatever, but I can’t ever guarantee that you’re going to have X amount of money at the end of taking a course. I’m really, really looking forward to seeing you in my training class on how to create websites and market the skill, do good graphics, and land big printing job, how to start a clothing line without investment. I feel more comfortable with those topic now.

That’s something also you want to think about when you’re coming online to sell something or teach something. Is this something I can guarantee? Is this practical or is it theory? That’s been a big lesson for me now. Going forward, I will always teach more practical things where I can say “By the end of this course, you are going to be able to successfully create your animated video with Scren-o-matic. By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully set up your own membership site.” Practical things is what I want to teach from now on. Because I’m teaching practical things, whereas internet marketing, traffic building is more theory. It doesn’t work the same for everybody. Outside of SEO which we know has now changed, my strength has never really been teaching people how to get a lot of traffic to their website. That’s never been my strength, and even less now with all the changes. So for me, it’s about positioning myself into a niche where I can teach the practical things. Here’s another example of why it’s difficult to teach internet marketing. Why is it that I was emailing someone yesterday who is making a part-time living with affiliate marketing after taking my course, and there’s someone who else who took the course around the same time he did that’s struggling. It’s because there are so many variables to success online, and it’s very difficult to teach and say I can guarantee something. See for me, Google plus communities has been my core component of my traffic building. It’s something I’m very comfortable with. I enjoy they people I meet there. I’ve excelled at it,

If anybody knows of a great product out there that you’re currently using that actually works, tell me. I’m talking about an actionable guide for traffic building for beginners, because I’ll buy it, I’ll check it out, I’ll use it and I’ll recommend it if it works but I always find it very interesting, you don’t see influencers in internet marketing today recommending a lot of people that help with traffic building. Now, I have to admit I’m not always out there on social media, so maybe there are some out there that work really well. Again, if that works for you or you find something or you know of someone that’s really helped you, shout them out in the comments. Let’s help each other out, and real talk, if you are starting today, 2016, you have to learn social media, or YouTube, live streaming. That is the future. With social media, things are constantly changing. The internet is constantly changing, so you can never come out here and expect things to always stay the same. When you learn something, you can’t get comfortable with it because it’s going to change. So, let’s discuss in the comments,

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