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Job Vacancy : Content Marketer Needed

Content marketing is key in traffic gneration. I’m sure you hav heard that content is key.In 2016, To get a job as a content marketer you need no tech skills or certification, you only need to know and master this simple media tricks. With alot of businesses domiciled online, the demand for content markers is on the increase. If you are presently jobless this might be the next big thing to do to land your dream job.

Content marketing can be Attention seeking and trust giving. They best way is to use a combination of the two.

As content marketers, we really want to get our content to go viral. We can divide content marketing into 3 groups.

A: Traffic Generation Content – Make people to click through to your website, blog or landing page and share.

B: Engagement Content- The strategic use of educational, informative, entertaining and inspiring content that builds credibility, trust and linking

C: Conversion Content– Capturing those all important leads and producing sales is the real end game for traffic and engagement. Otherwise it is just noise.

They are often woven together in a matrix of attention, engagement and a call to action.

Different types of content that will make you a sought after content marketer

Traffic generation

Web traffic is the foundation for success online. Is the basic way websites make money online.

So what types of content can drive traffic?

1. Photos and images

The mobile obsessed world we live in has made this a core tactical skillset for the modern marketer. Using screenshots, authentic and personal content. Images that touches hearts and minds. Pictures that pose a question, pique our curiosity or intrigue.


2. GIF’S

GIF is the new model cool, An animated GIF is a “Graphics Interchange Format” file that is a graphic image on a Web page that bubbles or plays like a video. That’s it.

Attention is in short supply and as a content marketer, you need all the tools and tactics you can nab to standing out.

Moving images, automatic starting and pop-ups can get you those click through to your website. They grab attention big time.


3 free Resources to learn GIF online are

3. Mini-infographics

These work well on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Embed them in blog posts and people love to share them. to learn infographics you can signup for our graphic design course @ www.ienrichlife.com

It’s light snackable content.

4. Content Headlines

Headlines are the shortest type of content that we have in our marketing toolbox.

But don’t be beguiled by what at first seems a simple skill that you should ignore. They are maybe your most important tactic. It’s where the customer seduction begins.


10 times more people read the headline than the article, advertisement or your post.

What are some headlines that work?

There are many formulaic headline types. And these work for ebook titles, blog posts and news articles. They are required for video titles, white papers and even downloadable PDF’s.

Here are some to try out.

The use of people’s innate curiosity to drive traffic and engagement is a proven winner.

5. Post Engagement

Traffic is one thing and stick ability is another, When your visitors spend time on your website the is time to consider yourself a super hero.

6. Short videos

These can entertain, educate or sell. My blogging course on Udemy was built on videos where were none went over 7 minutes. This was based on their engagement research.

Other research has shown that 2 minutes is optimum for maximizing engagement when you are not training but maybe just entertaining.

Now go ahead and master the above tools and get that dream job as a content marketing strategist.

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