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5 reasons making your own website might not be for you

There are many helpful website design resources on the internet that make creating your own small business page simple and easy. Several of them are free to use or offer templates at a low cost. For anyone who wants to get this route, the reward is a quick payoff that may be perfect. However, some business owners might want help with the process or they may be envisioning a more complex site that requires advanced techniques. Here are five reasons you might seek help creating a website.

Too Many Ideas

Using a website design template restricts your options in a way that can be extremely helpful. But if you are a small business owner who is more about the big picture and less about minutia, hiring a professional company to help you hone your vision is a better choice. By sharing your ideas and overall philosophy with a design firm, the experts on the staff can help consolidate all your desires into a beautiful and functional website.

No Time

Few business owners have time in their daily schedules to sit down and create a site. Not only do they have to select a design platform, they also need to choose a template, write the website content and gather the all-important photos. Then they must design the site and wrangle the webhosting aspect. The time commitment is just too large in most cases. That’s why working with a website design service makes a lot more sense.

Complex Vision

If your small business website requires an extensive wireframe with multiple subpages and complex navigation, it is unlikely you will find a free template that can handle all these specifications. Build-your-own-website services are mainly for basic sites only, and that might not be a good fit for your company.


One of the more challenging elements for owners when they make their own website is adding a shopping cart or other e-commerce function. It’s not terribly difficult to do, but there are a lot of steps in the process and that might not be something you are willing to learn and perform yourself. If you want to make your own website that includes initiating and processing secure purchases, getting assistance is a better idea.

Fresh Outlook

Sometimes business owners can get stuck in a rut. We all like to believe we know what’s best for our companies and how they should be operated. But often, we get a narrow vision that might not be in sync with what customers want or need to know. If we try to create a website based on our own priorities, it could be in opposition to what site visitors really are seeking. That means it is unlikely they will eventually become regular customers. A professional website design firm will help take your ideas and craft them into an attractive, functional site that will match your customers’ desires. Sometimes, a “fresh set of eye” can make all the difference in taking your small business website to the next level.

These five factors may play a role in your decision whether to make your own website or invest in some assistance. Either option is perfectly reasonable depending on your particular circumstances.


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